Thursday, 4 September 2014

Form S1 - Medical Care

A lot of discussion on the various forums regarding the decision of the UK government to stop issuing the S1 Form to people relocating abroad in the EU. This gave UK citizens in Cyprus up to two years of health cover in the Cyprus system, paid for by the UK. This has now been stopped.

Considerable concern and opinion being voiced, but I should point out that if you are in receipt of a UK State Pension you and your spouse are unaffected and will continue to be so. It is only those not in receipt of the State Pension who are affected. This will, in effect, mean that private health insurance will theoretically be necessary from Day 1, although your EHIC will cover you for emergencies. Just as well my guide is not in paper form. I can just imagine having the first print run pulped, and starting again.

Writing going well and the recent drop in temperatures will make life easier.

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