Saturday, 11 October 2014

First Night Nerves ...

Well we did it, and what fun it was. We arrived at The Fly Again about an hour before the Bingo and Quiz night was due to start and found quite a few people already there. Tickets were sold and by the time the first round of the quiz was ready to go, we had eighteen teams seated and ready to compete. There were also a few groups of people who only wanted to play Bingo as well.

Ann had drawn the short straw and was heavily involved in counting all the money, as the Bingo winners (one line, two lines and a full house) were paid a percentage of the money taken that night. But count it she did, and the person who was first to declare a full house received the not inconsiderable sum of €55,00. The winning quiz team - The A Team - who scored 55 out of a possible 70 points received €40,00 with the runners-up receiving a voucher for Sunday Lunch at The Fly Again.

Best of all, the grand sum of €52,00 was raised for Argaka Aid. Thanks to all who turned up and made the evening such fun. Next week we shall have a different, and more efficient, system to sell tickets which will allow us to start on time. If you didn't manage to get there last night, do drop in next Friday.

The picture round, which featured Spitting Images of famous people, produced some hilarious answers. My favourites were the teams who thought Prince Andrew was Ronald Reagan, and the other team who thought Esther Rantzen was Joanna Lumley. No doubt their lawyers will be in touch soon.

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