Saturday, 31 January 2015

Importing your car to Cyprus ...

A big thank-you to my friend David of Gracie Towers for detailing the interesting process and costs involved with bringing your car to Cyprus from within the EU. As we sold our car in the UK and bought another car in Cyprus, we did not have intimate knowledge of the process. Now we do and it will make another useful part of the "Driving in Cyprus" chapter of my ebook, where I also owe a great deal to Mike of RoADAR for his permission to quote from his all-embracing website about life on the road in Cyprus.

And so winter heads into February (often the coldest and wettest month of the year here) but the forecast seems set fair for the first week of the month with sunny days and temperatures of  22°C if the weather underground site has got it right. Although Cyprus always needs more rainfall than it gets, the promise of warm days in winter is a real bonus. Perhaps it should just rain at night.

Life in Argaka is getting back to normal, with Becky S. now safely in the UK and our thoughts are with her. She is minded to move to the Eastbourne area at the moment but, as always, plans may change. We are looking forward to hearing that she has settled in her new home and that the next chapter in her life is being written. Honey and Jaz (our rescue cats) miss her and still look around as if they expect to see her emerging from the guest room saying "More tea ..."

I must sit down and finish proof-reading the RoADAR constitution so that can be returned to the organisation before the AGM. It's all very well volunteering for these tasks and then real life gets in the way. The Six Nations' Rugby Championship starts next Friday and that will distract me. So I shall look into the mirror and give myself a severe talking-to.

Sad to see The Euro Shop is closing down in Paphos (and their other branches in Cyprus) as they have been an excellent source of UK goods here. We try to use the Cypriot alternative for many of the  things we use here (not much point in living here and pretending we are back in the UK)  but there are certain things we find irreplaceable. I trust someone else will take up the banner. In any event we popped down to Paphos to stock up and then had a brilliant late lunch at The Watermill at Steni. What  good food and friendly attentive service. It was a good job it was not Sunday as those ribs would have been just too attractive. As it was, we shared a vegetarian platter. Fabulous.

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