Saturday, 21 March 2015

Total self-indulgence

Today had to arrive eventually - the final day of this year's Six Nations' Championship. Three matches in a row, with England v France the climax (and let's hope not the anti-climax) tonight at 19.00, as long as our Coptic storm does not lead to a power cut.

Quick shopping expedition to Papantonios to buy "snacky things" to nibble on, with no doubt a pizza to munch on as hunger takes over in the middle of the evening. Keo and other supplies already in hand, and so all those little jobs will need to be completed before 14.10 this afternoon. With the possibility of three (outside chance of four) teams being able to win the championship it will be an exhilarating and nail-biting day. If Wales manage to beat Italy by a lot, and Ireland win in Scotland (probably not by quite a lot, if at all) then the Twickenham match may see England having to absolutely stuff the French. Not an easy task, especially as all the pundits seem to think it will all happen in the last twenty minutes.

Our garden furniture did not end up in the pool (yet) thanks to some preventative measures by Ann yesterday but the wind is howling around the house, and no doubt everything will have a covering of sand tomorrow. But with fine weather forecast for next week, at least the operation to clean up will be able to be done in shorts.

At some stage soon I shall have to venture to Paphos to take some photographs of the doorways of various buildings to place in my ebook, the most pressing of which is to show exactly how to get to the Alien and Immigration department. It took us ages to find and the first thing we suggest to new arrivals is a drive into Paphos to show the hidden doorway. Dave and Pam showed us, and we showed David and Letitia, and no doubt they will show the next new arrivals. But the ebook will ensure that it is plain sailing for others.

Ann and I were sitting having an early afternoon drink in Polis yesterday when we spotted our friend Dave, being dropped off by Pam, on his way to the doctor's. We spoke afterwards and my goodness he looked frail and tired. His shingles has come back with a vengeance (at least that's what I assume) and Pam had had to make an early return from the UK to look after him. What an absolute horrible state of affairs, if you don't shake it off in the first couple of months. Dave has been suffering for well over a year now, with no end in sight. I tease him about not taking the painkillers regularly, but my heart went out to him yesterday. He has lost weight and seemed to be shuffling, rather than walking. We have offered our help but the situation is not good. Here's hoping for a swift recovery for a man who has been so helpful to us in the last two and a half years.

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