Friday, 19 August 2016

You just never know ...

Spitting feathers and muffling curses are not things that immediately spring to mind when I think of myself, but yesterday was an exception. Ann and I popped into Polis to do some shopping and went to a café/bar where a friend of ours works. We met another couple of friends there, by chance, and settled down for an hour. You can imagine my astonishment when I asked the owner's husband whether there was a problem with the free wifi, and received a verbal barrage of abuse.

Our friend, who works there, explained that there were problems with the wifi (which is provided for customers) and people were being kicked out intermittently. My friendly enquiry was just that ... a friendly enquiry. The volley of abuse, the tirade of "It's not my problem ... I'm just the barman" and "Ask the telecoms company" and "It works fine on my iPhone" was totally uncalled for. Obviously my expensive Samsung Galaxy phone was at fault.

What a prat and what a mistake ... I shall never, ever go there again when he is working. It's a strange thing that when his wife is working there (it's her business) the place is packed and she is just delightful. And then, the customers evaporate at about three o'clock when he starts to work. There is a moral here.

To make matters worse the guy seems unhinged, and angry, and obviously hates Cyprus. Well perhaps he should sod off back to South Africa. Oh he can't because, in his words, the "blicks" have taken over. What a sad situation and what an absolute loser ... I am not often lost for words, but this is a time when I am.

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